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Read along to learn how to prepare your home for a newborn session!

I met the Kolbe family at a wedding for my coworker in December of 2022. Little did I know they were pregnant at the time with their first baby! We hit it off and quickly followed each other on social media to connect. I was so excited when I heard from Hailey when she was ready to plan their photography photoshoots in College Station, TX. She chose to go with my Family Experience package that had a maternity and newborn session. We quickly planned out her sessions and added them to the calendar. Hailey and her husband kept their baby’s gender a secret from their family, which I thought was so fun! Once I was on my way over to their house I found out it was a baby girl named Collins I couldn’t wait to capture this perfect girl. Hailey is an interior designer in College Station, TX and had her home immaculate for the one hour I spent with them. So many nooks and corners that we utilized to photograph this sweet new family of three!

Creating the Perfect Setting: Preparing Your Home for a Newborn In-Home Photography Session

Capturing Precious Moments in the Comfort of Your Own Space

Welcoming a newborn into your home is a momentous occasion, and capturing these early days through photography is a wonderful way to preserve those fleeting moments. To ensure the best possible outcome for your in-home newborn session, it’s important to prepare your space in advance. Here are some valuable tips to help you get your home ready:

1. Choose Rooms with Abundant Natural Light

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend, especially when it comes to capturing the soft, tender moments of a newborn. Select rooms with ample windows and try to schedule the session during the daytime when the light is at its best. The nursery, master bedroom, or living room are often great options.

2. Clear Clutter and Create Clean Spaces

A clutter-free environment allows the focus to be on your newborn and the precious moments you’ll be creating together. Take some time to declutter the chosen rooms, ensuring that surfaces are clear and distractions are minimized. Tidying up can make a significant difference in the overall aesthetic of your photos.

3. Add Personal Touches

While a clean and neutral environment is important, don’t forget to infuse your own personality into the space. Consider adding meaningful decor, such as family heirlooms, special blankets, or personalized items. These touches can add depth and sentiment to your photographs.

4. Arrange Furniture for Easy Access

Arrange furniture in a way that allows for easy movement and access to different angles. This will enable the photographer to capture a variety of shots without disruptions or obstacles in the way. Creating a clear path around the room ensures a smooth and efficient session.

5. Prepare the Nursery

The nursery is a special place for your newborn, and it’s likely where many of the most intimate moments will unfold. Ensure that it’s tidy and organized, with all essentials readily available. Fresh linens, soft blankets, and a cozy feeding area can add warmth to the space.

7. Relax and Enjoy the Process

Remember, this session is about capturing the natural beauty and love that surrounds your newborn. Relax, enjoy the experience, and let the moments unfold organically. The more at ease you are, the more authentic and heartwarming your photographs will be.

Creating Timeless Memories

By preparing your home with natural light, clean spaces, and thoughtful touches, you’re setting the stage for a memorable and heartfelt newborn photography session. I’m excited to capture these precious moments for you and your growing family. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we’ll create a collection of images that tell the beautiful story of this new chapter in your lives.

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