“The first question I get ask when I talk about my husband is, “How did a Florida girl meet an Alaskan?” We owe all the thanks to his brother and sister-in-law who played matchmaker. We first met in February of this year. Willy flew down to see his brother Robby. We met on a Wednesday night after church. We went with a group of people to get ice cream after church, and we ended up talking over chocolate ice cream which we found out was both of our favorites. We spent the rest of his trip down in Florida going to Universal, the Strawberry Festival and just spending time with each other whenever we could. The day before he left, he asked for my phone number and I just knew that he was going to be the one. I thought that it was so crazy after knowing him a week that I felt so strongly about him. We spent the next month talking on the phone for hours whenever we could. He came to Florida in April and when he left I thought the next time I would see him would be in Alaska in July. Little did I know, he would come back to Florida 2 weeks later to propose. He surprised my after church on May 1st, he had strung lights trees in the church parking lot and proposed. He wanted to propose at the place that we first met. I now truly understand the phrase, “you know, when you know”. And that was so true for me and Willy! We knew right away how special the other person was. We were married on October 14th and we now live in Alaska together. Our relationship has been different then most, but it has been nothing short of amazing! I am truly grateful that God had a plan and put us together.” Mrs. Annette Burcell